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(what is all about?)

Landing one-night stands online or ir in real-life near you, and getting laid sometimes looks like a rocket science, but it is not! If you don’t have too much luck with females, common problem can be in you not in them. In other words: you don’t participate female population on right way, or you don’t have approach, or what is most common problem you don’t have self-confidence. There is an un-official rule called 10/90 and it says that about 20% of men have sex with 90% of women, or even more close: 1 of 10 man you know had sex with 10 or 20 or even more girls and women in his life, and other 9 probably had few sexual partners in their ife. So what that mean to as, and how to step into those 10%, who are “irresistible” to females? How to get laid in college, at work, vacation, business trip, when you go out, how to easy land one night stand any time and anywhere?

Reading will take you only few minutes, but until you reading keep in mind those few facts:

Goto How2GetLaid Top of the page... “The” Online Way *

Why “The”? Because it is very popular those days, and can be used for landing one night stands locally or in advance (so called piping) on places where you will be in next few days or weeks. Got it? For example You know that you are going to travel somewhere within next X days and will stay there Y days, so why you shouldn’t find some girl from that city or place and make “deal” before you arrive. Especially if you are don’t have too much time to going out or because of any other reason. Or, for example, why meeting just one girl if you are stay few days on business trip?

This is most popular and easiest way to get laid, it is simple, you can pick partner you like more or less and it is pretty much safe. Most important thing is picking right adult, so called “hookup” site that works. Some sites are full of fake profiles, some are for real dating not sex-dating and some are free to use, what means that meany people go there to full around and make more than one fake profile, often males make female profiles and that resulting in wasting your time.

So, avoid free adult dating sites and use paid sites, when someone on the other side pay $20, $30 or $50 membership fee, will not fake own profile and full around, people do such things on free adult dating sites, but no on paid.

Here you will find fresh and updated (2-3 times monthly) list of tested sites for meeting adults and landing some hookups. If you are looking for dating, or love, then skip this and go to Plenty of Fish or some other regular dating (not hookup) site.

Update: March / 2018
uLust 5/5 Best for now, fresh, great female to male ratio, for now #1 in this hookup sites list...
Hookup Girl Frinds 5 / 5 Excellent, relatively new, on avg. 5-6 contacts I made I can get laid once… So for now A++
Tie-Up us 5 / 5 New, fresh, simple and a bit different than other sites we sow, works perfectly for now. It is some kind of "alternative" hookup sites, a bit different than those so called main stream.
Sensual Match 5 / 5 Fresh, new, highly recommanded hookup site!
First Meet 4/5 Interesting hookup solution, you don't need to open accunt, your Facebook can bes used to login, but it is descreet so nobody can see that you are using First Meet, highly recomanded.
Fik Me! 5 / 5 Fresh, new, most functionality is free, a lot of new people/persons coming here and "shinny" looking for new sex partners. A lot of them are in relationships even marriages but another half is single, so you can find something for everybody taste :) Also significant number of couples are trying to find other couples or singles there, highly recommended for now!
Hookups Only... 4/5 Huge members base, and very solid female:male rate.
Get Laid finder 5 / 5 Promising, almost no fake profiles, for now let say, that it has huge members base 4/10 are females 6/10 are males so chances for landing one night stands are really high
Date 4 / 5 Very good, focused on hookups near you, works on any kind of mobile device, so it is not hard to find someone near you for some fast meeting, and then, who knows :)

Goto How2GetLaid Top of the page... Get Laid on Vacation

Getting laid on vacations is most simple, and that is reason why ‘everything else’ goes to one section and getting sex on vacation whole paragraph itself.

Landing one night stand on vacations, especially summer is easy because of simple reason: many free and married women come with same goal. Then also all that sun, alcohol and fun is very stimulating environment even with those who are not there only for sex :)

All you need to do in such situation is to look what others do, so if there is popular night club, or beach party, then just go there. When you identify guys that girls are interested for, try to look like they look, try to behave like they do. On vacations women and girls lowering criteria when choosing partner compared to places where they are coming from. Reason is very simple, it is called “what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas”. In such situation it is almost impossible to NOT get laid.

Goto How2GetLaid Top of the page...Get laid in high school

There small difference in approaching girls in high school and approaching and getting laid college so here are few important things to know: in high school you are younger, girls are younger, nobody has notification experience and everything should be slow, without alcohol or any other things. You need to pay more attention to girls, listen them, try to bi nice until she give you a signal that she wants to get laid with you. Sometime she will ask you to come at her place, sometime she will ask you to ask her at your place, sometime she will just tell you "I want you!". Most important in this ages to not rush, be interesting guy, provocative but not pushing one. When she gives you clear signal than take action.

Goto How2GetLaid Top of the page...Get laid in college

in college opposite than high school you should be faster and you need to be more direct. Why? in college opposite than high school you should be faster and you need to be more direct. Why? Reason is simple: both you and girls have more experience, nobody is not virgin, when you see each to another you both know would you that night be in same bed or not, college is time for experimenting, pleasures and of course getting laid :) And never forget protection!

Goto How2GetLaid Top of the page...Get laid using Tinder

Make good photos, what you write about your self it is much less important than what girls see, so use all those nice filters and other stuff to make you look better that fact will dramatically increase chances to get sex.

Play on a large scale: message at least 50-100 chick near you every day. If not going the focus on fatties and less attractive girls.

When you made conversation with a girl, try to not pushing her but also try to arrange meeting same night, that is very important because if you can't attract her to get laid with you tonight somebody another will...

Goto How2GetLaid Top of the page...Bonus tip: most important thing is CONFIDENCE!

Keep in mind: what most attractive to women is male confidence, so no matter how she look and how do you feel about that, you must be cool, slowly, confident, she must see that you know what you are doing, no matter if you do not really know what you are doing, you must control your emotions and look cool as ice berg.

Goto How2GetLaid Top of the page... Other places and ways to land One Night Stand

Use contact form to ask something about other places where you would try to land fast one night stands…

Goto How2GetLaid Top of the page...Be careful and always use condom!

Always, no matter are you meeting someone online or on in real-life, be aware, take care about protection! So much STDs including HIV around there. Don't trust people if they say you "I am OK", many males and females already have some kind of virus but still don't know, probably nobody (normal) wouldn't transmit any decease intentionally, but many people would do didn't knowing they have some kind of STD. So once again: no mater are you male or female, take condoms with you when go to one night stand! Again: never forget protection!

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Thanks for this, especially for advice related to ONLINE and VACATION, after changing my approach, last business trip to LA was everything except business :) :) :) Big thanks!


Interesting and useful, very glad that found this free guide, I will try to change something in my sexual life, which is very poor to be honest…


Nice and simple "guide" but to be honest most of things are very general and we all know them...On the other side what REALLY helps is your picks and updates on sites "that works" to say :) Thanks to those sites that you are following and updating here I had a lot better sex life than before found your site :) Thanks!